Ukulele Circle Photos 1-23-16

Great fun today! More photos on flickr:


Ukulele Circle 1-23-16

Our next get together is January 23 at 9:30 AM, Sweet & Savory Spot.

Set List:

  1. Jambalaya
  2. House of Gold
  3. Under The Boardwalk
  4. Walking After Midnight (Patsy Cline)
  5. My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii
  6. On The Road Again (Willie Nelson)
  7. I'm A Believer (The Monkees)
  8. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
  9. Punk Rock Girl (Dead Milkmen)
  10. Lovely Hula Hands
  11. Folsom Prison Blues
  12. When The Saints Go Marching In

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Hot Dog Party 2015 Thank Yous!

Customer Appreciation Day Hot Dog Party
Our annual hot dog party is one way we like to say Thank You to all of our wonderful customers. In the lot behind the shop we have a stage with live bands, activities for kids, food and drinks, prizes, souvenirs, and more! Our next party will be held August 6, 2016.
Thanks so much to all our fabulous customers for attending Back to the Hot Dog Party 2015! We had a great time eating 432 hot dogs with you .

It takes a village to host a hot dog party.  Very special thanks to…

Jason Pecard and Joe Cossairt for being the muscle behind the music:  Stage moving, chair pick up, trips to Ace, Popcorn machine drop off, and more!

Sarah and Judy for being in charge of Popcorn.

Westmont Park District for their generous use of the stage and Popcorn machine.

Susie Kostal for the great Photo Booth costumes and props.  And for bringing lemonade.

Heather Booth for the use of her green screen.

No Corner Suns for the fun Hot Dog Art Project and for hand-painting our grand prize ukulele.

Lucy, Donovan, and Miah for bringing the hot dog cart, cooking and serving the hot dogs all day!

Kala Brand Music and D’addario for providing raffle prizes.

All the fabulous musicians who performed:
Susie & The Snoozers
Ice Cream Vendors
The Timbres
Manning Dads
Mike Kinnavy
Black Hole
Ukulele Circle
John Adams
Horn Jam Artists
Nate Pritt for doing the Night Train Arrangement
The Flat Cats
Richard Bennett

Eric Hodek for doing all the amazing Back To The Hot Dog Party Graphic Designs and for being our favorite Hot Dog Guy.

Camille for operating the green screen photo booth.

Joan Kostal for being the official Hot Dog Party Photographer.

Jon Sr. for help with set-up.

Thanks to the tear-down crew:  Jason Pecard, Joe Cossairt, Walt & Cara, Jim Liceaga, Mike & Jen Kinnavy.

Mark Massen for the after party chef prepared appetizer.

Ed for bringing out his DeLorean and stopping Saturday traffic on Cass Avenue!

Westmont Yard for providing the most amazing face painting we have seen.

Monkey Pencil for printing our custom T-Shirts.

and of course, last but not least, Don Turner.