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Dity Duo Overdrive

  • Dity Duo Overdrive

It's time to get dirty with the Modtone Dirty Duo. This double-fisted box contains two individually footswitchable overdrive circuits, with the goal of giving players a shovelful of dirt to a metric ton of the stuff. For starters, Overdrive 1 has a ton of gain of tap by itself, along with a switch to give you even more. Turning on Overdrive 2 only adds to the mayhem, and because it comes second, you can use Overdrive 1 as a boost to push the front end of Overdrive 2 for ultra-saturated overload that sounds like your amp's about to melt. More importantly, the Overdrive 2 circuit is equipped with a TL082 low-noise op-amp for enhanced processing of Overdrive 1 without any unmusical artifacts. Overdrive 2 is also equipped with MOSFET clipping for the smoothest saturation possible. The way the EQ section works on both Overdrive channels is also interesting, as Overdrive 1's EQ is a classic slightly midrange-enhanced overdrive, whereas the EQ on Overdrive 2 is significantly more open, leading to a much more musical mix than most 2-in-1 dirt machines. Both Overdrive channels are equipped with true bypass switching, and the unit can run on a single 9V battery or standard DC adapter.

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