Austin Tele Style Electric Guitar White

Austin Tele Style Electric Guitar White

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Capturing the classic sounds and driving, forceful expression of the electric guitar era has been a very important focus for Austin Guitars.

Austin pays tribute to the birth of the electric guitar. The first, maybe the best, design that endures and transcends. The ATC250 features classic, bell-like tones that are produced by two traditional single coil pickups. Additionally, it features tone and volume controls, a 3 position selector switch, and a smooth, reactive maple fingerboard all mounted to a solid, string-thru poplar body. To round out its distinct sound, the ashtray bridge holds 3 vintage style brass saddles.

Key Features

  • Body: Cutaway
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Maple

Set up by Uncle Jon's Music and ready to rock!

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