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NUX UKIYO-E (NCH-4) Mini Chorus Effects Pedal

NUX UKIYO-E (NCH-4) Mini Chorus Effects Pedal


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Three Vintage Chorus Pedals in One
  • Emulates CE-1, SCH-1, and MXR Classic Chorus FX
  • Smart Tap Tempo
  • True-bypass or Buffer-bypass
  • Supports Stereo I/O with TRS Cable
  • USB-C Port for Updates

Ukiyo-E translates from Japanese as "pictures of the floating world", describing the dreamscape-type sounds created by 3 classic chorus pedals that this unit emulates.

ST Chorus is modelled on a rock classic stereo chorus pedal, SCH-1 delivers a true-to life emulation of a much-revered classic pedal from Japan and CE-1 is the grand patriarch of all chorus effects, emulating the soft analog tones of the first mass production chorus effect.

All 3 are selected by an illuminated push button above the controls. Holding this button down during power-up selects between mono output or stereo output, which requires a stereo jack lead.


Controls include Rate, Width and Intensity to adjust each effect as required, Pressing the footswitch engages or disengages the effect. The smart tap tempo feature means that the pedal recognises pressing the footswitch twice or in a short space of time and responds to the timing as a tap tempo function to adjust the rate setting.


Perfect for chordal washes and adding jangle to strummed or picked passages.

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